Consider the Puppy, Learn His Lesson

In a recent post, Donal laid out the two main options available to marriage-minded men today:

Good women who want to marry are few and far between, and their aren’t nearly enough of them to go around. This means that many young men who want to marry will have to choose one of these two options:
1) Refuse to marry because no worthy women are available
2)Lower their standards in order to marry

This is a difficult choice to make, and nothing I can say will make it any less difficult. I sympathize with those going through this. How could I not, as I am going through it myself? As a matter of recommendation I would suggest the first course of action, but I won’t belittle a man who chooses the second.

Now, Donal is a little bit wrong here: “Good women who want to marry” are not “few and far between,” they are non-existent–largely because there are no good women. There aren’t even any good men. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

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