I am an Orthodox Christian, father, and wanna-be farmer. I live with my wife, son, three daughters, two dogs, and four chickens, on 1.2 acres in a village of about 1,000. I work full-time, and my wife is a full-time mother. We also have two 24’x24′ gardens and a number of recently planted fruit trees. We try to live simply, and produce as much as possible of what we consume ourselves, avoiding commercialism where possible. When we do buy things, we try to buy quality items that will be long-lasting and support our overall goals. Within that framework, I also try to buy American made when possible. I will share products on this blog that I have found useful, but I encourage you to develop your own framework for combating commercialism and materialism when you have to purchase something. Other posts are related to micro-farming, sustainable agriculture, and homesteading. I’ve have several blogs on several platforms over the years, and have deleted lots of posts and even whole blogs. This site contains and consolidates most of the writing I have been able to retrieve. If you’re new, I suggest you start with this post. Also, keep in mind that I converted to Orthodox Christianity in September of 2018, and it will be obvious in many of the older posts that I had various heretical beliefs. While I have chosen to eliminate posts that actively promoted what I now recognize as heresy, I have kept some that I now find embarrassing simply as a record of the evolution of my thought as God, through His grace, drew me to His Church.