Zebras Aren’t Unicorns

Donal has a post out about not being angry due to realizing truth about women:

Exposure to the “Red Pill” can have a variety of emotional consequences for men- some short term, and some long term. At first it is usually a slew of negative emotions, including but not limited to: anger, sadness, disgust and despair. Pretty much every one of my male readers, with an exception or two, will be familiar with this. For some men those emotions will subside over time, and in time the “Red Pill” can pave the way for positive emotions. Sometimes this is because of the knowledge and understanding acquired. Other times it is because men use that knowledge to try and improve their life somehow. And for others it is simply a process of matured acceptance of the way things are. However, for a not insubstantial number of men there will be some lingering negative emotions. Sometimes the result is truly ugly- I am sure all of us have seen a man who couldn’t handle the truth, and became an emotional wreck as a result. However, not everyone tailspins like that. Sometimes those lingering emotions are flickers most of the time, with the occasional flare-up.

Here’s the rub. If you’re angry at the nature of women, it is because you want to turn women into goddesses rather than women.

Do you get angry at dogs because it is in their nature to bark?

Do you get angry at your dog because he refuses to shit in the toilet?

Or do you accept the nature of dogs, and work and train with a knowledge of that nature?

You are a Christian, after all. You believe that women have a sin nature–as sinful as yours, but different.

A zebra is an interesting and beautiful animal. But you cannot appreciate the true value of a zebra when you are angry at him for having the audacity to not be a unicorn.

(For the spiritually autistic, I am not saying that women’s sin nature is good or desirable. I am stating that is is a part of the human condition, and you can’t wish it away anymore than you can wish a zebra into a unicorn.)

Look, I get it. You were told zebras had wings and shit rainbows so long that it seems outrageous to you that he instead wears a ridiculous striped suit and poops digested grass–but the zebra isn’t the one who gave you the outrageous idea of him. He’s just been standing there eating grass and making manure the whole time you’ve been enamored with your vision of him.

A zebra isn’t a unicorn. He’s dirtier, smellier, and exists in our damned and imperfect world. But a zebra is an interesting animal, and one worth studying, photographing, or hunting in his own right.

In the same way, a woman isn’t a goddess. She’s as feeble, sinful, and human as you are–in fact a little more so (of the first two). But women are still worth getting to know after you’ve disabused yourself of your goddess delusions. They are worth marrying, having sons and daughters with, and guiding in the faith.

They are worth it, not worthy of it.

That’s a vital distinction to make.

No man has ever brought a dog into his house because the dog was worthy of living there. The very idea is laughable. A man brings a dog into his house not because he deems the dog worth it, rather than worthy of it. Worth it for the joy, companionship, and maybe some added security. Yet he knows full well that it is the nature of the dog to chew the piano leg and poop on the carpet.

Again, remember you’re a Christian.

Very God of Very God didn’t become incarnate and die for you because you were worthy. He did it because you were worth it, and if you say that you weren’t worth it, you contradict the decision of value made by the arbiter of all value.

If you can be unworthy, yet worth it; if your dog can be unworthy, yet worth it; don’t you think the same could be true about women?

If you are angry because you can’t find a woman worthy of becoming your wife, you are as ridiculous as the man who is angry that he can’t find a dog worthy of becoming his pet.

When you understand how ridiculous that sounds, you will hold the key to releasing your anger.

The UCC on Sin

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