The UCC on Sin

Your national church will continue to confront the evils of pride oppression and lust marginalization, wherever they are found. We will continue to fight against greed racism, envy sexism, gluttony heterosexism, wrath ableism, sloth classism, blasphemy xenophobia, and adultery religious intolerance wherever it is found. We will continue to challenge assaults on the divinity of Christ marriage equality, the personhood of the Holy Spirit LGBTQ rights, the doctrine of Original Sin environmental justice, the authority of Scripture economic justice, the Creatorship of God immigration, and salvation healthcare coverage for all who will receive it. We will continue to challenge laws, and political appointments, and to boycott and divest resources from businesses and regions where Christianity and Christian practice are under attack cries for justice go unheard, always holding space at the table for hearts and minds to change. We will continue to stand against sin hate.


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