Blue-Collar Blues (Cover)

Like Cane Caldo, I recently started a new job. (Which I enjoy greatly)

Unlike him, I’m not working two full time jobs.

But I am working a part time job, driving an hour and a half each way to my full-time job, in the process of buying a house, and preparing for our third move in less than 6 months.

Da da-da-da duh!

Thankfully, my auto work is done. (I hope)

The other day, I lost control on a country road and ended up in the ditch 15 feet from a power pole. Upon inspection, it appears that the outer ball joint was missing a cotter pin and the nut worked its way loose, causing the wheel to come out of position and separating the CV axle at the inner joint. Thankfully, it only took a day and a half to put it back together, and its been working fine since.

Da da-da-da duh!

But expect a post again soon. I’ll do it when I can.

Oh, and if you bothered reading all of this, the biggest news is probably that Courtney has informed me that, God willing, I will be a father in less than 9 months.