Bear Your Own Cross

To those who write of searching for a worthy woman to marry, know that you are engaged in an impossible quest. No woman is worthy of marriage*–and I write this as a happily married man. If you cannot live with an unworthy woman, don’t get married.

Marriage is a type of Christ and the church.

The church has never been, and on this planet never will be, worthy of Christ’s attention, affection, undying love, and sacrifice.

This is a hard saying, but worthy of repetition.

You marry a woman not because she is worthy, but in order to perfect her, and to perfect yourself by Christ working through you. Many men will choose not to shoulder the burden of marriage. Marriage, no matter how enjoyable it may sometime be, is ultimately a burden and a cross.

Marriage may not be your cross, but you have a cross, and you must pick it up to follow Christ.

Do not envy or demean another’s ¬†cross. Rather, bear your own well.

* It is also true that no man is worthy of marriage–and that includes me. If you’re a woman who cannot live with an unworthy man, don’t get married.

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