Recycled Romanism Regurgitated

Cane writes:

Anyways, I’m not convinced that Roman Catholic problems aren’t Protestant problems, or Orthodox problems for that matter. And I am convinced that the more we look outside for the problems (It’s that damned liberalism from Bob that’s infecting all of us!”) that we are missing something we were warned about.

I’ll decline to comment on the Orthodox, because I haven’t observed enough there to speak yet.

What I do know for sure is that is true of the denomination I grew up in.

They stood in opposition to certain Roman Catholic doctrines, but then recreated them in new form.

I may disagree with certain of those original Roman doctrines, but I object further to the recycled, digested and regurgitated versions of them. Here’s a common one: A Protestant church will rail against the idea of the Magisterium, and state that Sola Scriptura is the guide for Christian behavior. When you then ask why their women are not covered, they tell you that the Scripture does not mean what it says, but something else entirely–in fact, the opposite of what it says! The pastor, with his exalted knowledge, knows that the Bible does not there mean what it says, so you ought to listen to him when he explains that that command is cultural.

Often, I find that indictments of Roman Catholicism are doubly indicting of Protestantism, and indictments of Protestantism are doubly indicting of Roman Catholicism. There is a greater spirit at work, and he must be opposed.

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