She’s in Control

Deep Strength has a post up wherein he links to a (supposedly Christian, married, submissive) woman’s loooooooooong list of situations in which she has decided she will disregard the Biblical instructions on submission.

You could almost pick one at random, and easily see how it takes all submission out of the marriage.

Here’s the one I picked:

[I would not submit to my husband if] He was leading me into a false teaching

So who determines if it is a false teaching?

She does.

If her husband leads and teaches her in a way she does not like, she has given herself permission to act as the spiritual arbiter of truth over her husband, and declare his teaching as false.

“Woman, come here, I must wash you in the water of the word.”

“No. I don’t need washing.”

“Woman, you need washing.”

“I declare this teaching of yours, that I need washing, to be false. You have no authority over me.”

Submission with caveats is not submission.

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