The Flag Makers has excellent customer service

A few weeks ago, I ordered a custom flag from a company called The Flag Makers. When I received the flag, I was very happy with the quality, but distressed to find that one side of my double-sided Nordic Cross flag was backwards, with the vertical bar of the cross at the fly end rather than the pole end. I immediately called The Flag Makers, anticipating having to go through a rigmarole to get my flag fixed.

To my surprise, The Flag Makers is a company that still takes customer service seriously. When I first called, I spoke to an actual human which was a relief. He informed me that the gentleman I needed to speak to was in a meeting, and I would have to leave a voicemail. I reluctantly left a voicemail, not really expecting any response. I figured I’d just call back ever day until I got someone who could help me.

About an hour later, I received a return phone call from Jason Littlewood at The Flag Makers. I told him about my problem, and he informed me that it was no problem at all. Within a few days, I received a design proof email from him confirming the correct design, and not long after that I received my new flag in the mail. Overall, this was one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had, and if I need a custom flag in the future The Flag Makers will be my first choice. Because actual customer service is so rare these days, I want to laud The Flag Makers and recommend them to anyone that may need a custom flag.

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