The Red Ginseng Store has Exceptional Customer Service

This is an unqualified endorsement of the Red Ginseng Store. I believe in giving credit for excellence, and so I am sharing my experience here. If you are interested in purchasing ginseng root, I strongly recommend that you check them out.

I was looking to experiment with ginseng tea as an alternative/supplement to caffeine for the times when I am called out for work in the middle of the night for unknown amounts of time with no warning and lives depending on my alertness, awareness, and judgement. The Red Ginseng Store seemed to have great prices, so I put in an order for 100 grams to test it out.

Within hours of submitting my order I had an email from the proprietor of the store, informing me that he was leaving the country early in the morning, and would not be able to ship my order until he returned in three days. He said he was including several grams extra of product to compensate for the delay in shipping. I wasn’t too worried about it, so it was about a week before I checked the tracking to see where my order was. I was surprised to see that my order had already been delivered, but to my billing address in the northland rather than my shipping address here at my home-in-exile in the southland. I sent the proprietor an email informing him of this and asking that he re-send my order as it will be months before I get a chance to go back to my billing address. A couple days later, my order arrived at my correct shipping address.

I have tried to work with other companies that mis-shipped packages before, and it can be extremely hard to get them to re-send product. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was in this case. I was also impressed by the inclusion of extra product to compensate for a shipping delay that I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. I don’t know how many of my readers are interested in ginseng, but if you are one of them, I highly recommend you consider using the Red Ginseng Store¬†as your source, as my experience was outstanding.

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