Weekly Project and Purchase Roundup, 5/19/17

My son began his first attempts at crawling this week. He still faceplants regularly, and sometimes moves backwards when he is trying to go forwards, much to his consternation. Watching him took precedence over getting a lot done this week, and rain and the need to mow the lawn twice contributed to less projects as well.

For Mother’s Day, I got the wife a new galvanized steel 3-gallon pail and a new clothesline. The clothesline is the tree type, that spins around a central pole. My first project of the week was installing it.

I got Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens from the library, and one of my projects this week has been to read it. I’m not done yet, but I did make it about 3/4 of the way through.

The wife and I transplanted the seeds she started in the house into the garden. Peppers, leeks, onions, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, and garlic are all in, and more planting will be done next week.

Finally, I put together the bike I bought last week. Compared to the old bike, riding it takes so little effort it’s amazing. Riding the bike to work is now enjoyable, rather than a necessary chore.

I had three groups of purchases this week, other than food. The first was at Ace Hardware where I bought the wife’s new clothesline for $55 and 3-gallon galvanized steel pail for $15. This brought me to a total of $70 at Ace.

The second group of purchases was at the local St. Vincent de Paul Society, where I purchased a cloth fishing hat for my son (he’s too small for a straw hat) for $1.50, a large glass mug for $1, and a small metal canister to use as a countertop compost collector for $1. My total at St. Vincent’s was $3.50.

The final group of purchases was at True Value Hardware. I bought a 12″ cast iron skillet for $30, a pumice stone for $5, some adhesive robe hooks for $3, a gallon of vinegar for $5, and a pack of 50 wooden clothespins for $4. My total at True Value came to $47, which made my total expenditure for the week come to $120.50.

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