To the best of my knowledge, I have never heard anyone refer to me in real life as “traditional” or a “traditionalist.” However, I and my family have often been called “old-fashioned” and occasionally, “Amish.” Here are some of the reasons I and my family have been called “old-fashioned:”

We have no TV…. although we occasionally watch TV shows on a laptop computer.

We have only one automobile.

I mow the lawn with a reel-type mower… that I bought online and had shipped directly to my door.

When I buy a modern, center-fire rifle, I prefer it to have a wooden stock.

My wife makes her own bread, English muffins, bagels, donuts, and other baked goods… using an electric Kitchen-Aid mixer and an electric oven.

My wife makes her own clothes… using an electric sewing machine and mass-produced fabric that she buys at JoAnn’s fabrics.

There are other’s of course, but these are things that come to mind from recent conversations. Yet each of these “old-fashioned” things would be normal to luxurious not that long ago. A single-shot rifle in .308 would be an amazing luxury compared to a flintlock. Buying fabric at JoAnn’s is far less work than growing your own flax and weaving it, then sewing it by hand. The Kitchen-Aid is relatively new–my wife still regards it as a luxury, after hand-kneading all of our bread and the bread she sells for over a year.

We live so surrounded by luxury, that even one who forgoes a few minor luxuries is considered old-fashioned.

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