1 thought on “The True Life Expectancy in the United States”

  1. Christ is in our midst. His mercy is found in the Truth of our Orthodox faith , praise be to our Lord. He does not need to go out into the world, He is waiting in His very words. All one need do is approach Him in humility, and ask, all of our Saints, our Holy Pillars, our Martyrs, our btothers, and sisters in Faith, and all that one needs to know about the evils of abortion, the “pill” (that I believe has everything to do with several modern epidemics, including breast, and other cancers), and many other engineerings by the father-of-lies, and his minion, and the audacity of demons will inevitably be revealled. I pray that this desire for Jesus the Christ, (the Truth, the Light, the Way) will draw people away from following the hireling to false “shared” truth, ignoring the pit-falls that will lead to the apostasy that has chased , and herded the “popes” , and millions since 1054 ad. 1 Corinthians 16:12-16. God bless, and keep us in Christ dear brother, and sister. Peace be upon you .

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