Major Purchase: Chest Freezer

Not my house

What: Frigidaire 9 cubic foot chest freezer

Cost: $140

Purchased From: Private Seller.

We’ve been planning to get a chest freezer for a while. When my wife found an almost-new one for sale on a Facebook local buy/sell group, we jumped on it. It is so light that I was able to load/unload it in my boss’s pickup on my own easily. And yes, it does work.

I had found a 7.2 cubic foot freezer online for $250, so that was our budget. However, we ended up getting almost 2 cubic feet more space, and a better-known and more trusted brand, for $110 less than I had budgeted. This is one of the chief advantages of using the to-buy list–if the need isn’t urgent, I can look for months for a better deal. If I find it, I pull the trigger. If I don’t, and the need is becoming more urgent, I can buy it knowing that I’m not likely to find a better deal.

The freezer now lives in the garage, which is right off our kitchen, making frozen food retrieval convenient. This purchase goes hand-in-hand with the FoodSaver, and together they will pay for themselves faster than either would on its own.

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