Weekly Project and Purchase Roundup, 5/26/17

What did I accomplish this week? Not much, at least in my sphere. I assisted the wife in turning 6 gallons of milk into blocks of mozzarella cheese to freeze–sometimes by keeping the little guy happy, sometimes by actually doing some of the work. My only purchase this week was a large canvas print of one of our wedding photos for the house. It cost me $65 including shipping. Hopefully I’ll have more to report next week, but this was a tough week, and I plan to take the weekend to rest before returning to productivity next week.

Weekly Project and Purchase Roundup, 5/19/17

My son began his first attempts at crawling this week. He still faceplants regularly, and sometimes moves backwards when he is trying to go forwards, much to his consternation. Watching him took precedence over getting a lot done this week, and rain and the need to mow the lawn twice contributed to less projects as well.

For Mother’s Day, I got the wife a new galvanized steel 3-gallon pail and a new clothesline. The clothesline is the tree type, that spins around a central pole. My first project of the week was installing it.

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Weekly Project and Purchase Roundup, Week Ending 5/13/17

In progress of lifting the deck

I know, I’m late in getting this out. Other than the muzzleloading rife I’ve already posted about, I made two other major purchases this week–posts for them are forthcoming. None of the major purchases, including the muzzleloader, were planned for this week. However, all three of them were things that have been on my list of things to buy for months.

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Weekly Project and Purchase Roundup, 5/6/17

Getting started
Mostly done

Working overtime and some other obligations made this a week of few projects. The first and biggest was to remove a stump I’ve been mowing around since we moved in. When I started on it, my wife had the car grocery shopping, and I had no gas for my chain saw. I did most of the work armed only with a shovel, an axe, and a bow saw. After the wife got back, I bought some gas and finished with the chain saw.

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Weekly Project and Purchase Roundup, 4/28/17

This week was extra productive due to having some extra time off of work.

A while back, I received a mailer from the Arbor Day Foundation offering me 10 Colorado Blue Spruce seedlings and 2 Lilac seedlings for a $10 donation. I am a big fan of lilacs, and so I sent them a check for $10. This week the seedlings arrived, so I spent a day digging and turning 12 3-foot diameter holes and planting my seedlings.

When we moved in last fall, there was a pile of plant debris in the back yard which I assumed was the burn pile. I added to it, then burnt it to the ground. I mentioned to the neighbor how badly located it was, and he told me it was the former owners’ garden–not burn pile. Who ever heard of an 8-foot diameter round garden? I moved the burn pile, but still had bare ground in this area until this week. I wheelbarrowed all the sod from the tree-planting here, and had almost enough to cover the bare patch.

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